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Dry soil is your carpet's worst enemy, because it is abrasive to carpet fibers like


sandpaper is to wood. That's why vacuuming is the number one thing to be done to


prolong the life of your carpet...it helps to remove the dry, abrasive soil.



  A good fabric protector does the same thing as a non-stick cooking pan...it prevents


sticking. So, if it's on your carpet fibers, it helps to make them release soil when you


vacuum, in addition to helping to slow the absorption of potential stains, so that you


can get them up fast.










We at Cherokee offer the very best fabric protection, along with the


best guarantee in the area.



       If your carpet, upholstery or drapes are treated with our fabric


 protector, we give you a full 1 year warranty (with the platinum package,


 90 days with the gold package) against spots and spills; not that they


 won’t happen, but if they do, the spot or spill will come up with a damp


 towel. If you are unable to remove the spot we will come out and


service the spot for you free of charge for a whole year!






































































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