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It is inevitable. You have carpet, you’ll have spots. Use the wrong product on your



carpet and you may end up buying throw rugs to cover up your


mistakes. Stain resistant carpets are designed to repel most


substances, giving you a window of opportunity to remove the spill


before it becomes permanent. There are many substances that can


permanently stain a carpet, regardless of how fast you are able to


clean up a spill.    



The types of spills that can leave a permanent stain are: pet urine, vomit, coffee, tea,


and mustard to name few.  Not coincidentally, these are also staining substances that


are not covered under most manufactures warrantees.       

     So, what to do when little Tommy or man’s best friend messes up your  beautiful

carpet?  Using a product   not formulated

for carpeting  can   permanently “set” a

stain that  otherwise would come out.

Many  household cleaners also contain

bleach and lye, chemicals that can take

the color right out of your carpeting.


The first thing to do is remove any excess material from the carpet by blotting or with a


shop vac.  Work towards the center of the stain, so as to


prevent further spreading.  Do not rub excessively or use a


brush. Permanent fiber distortion can result.  If the staining


material is water based, dampen a sponge and rinse the area. 


Next, take a white towel, only use a colored towel if it has


been washed several times, and blot up as much moisture as


possible. Try standing on it. 



If there is still a spot, you may need to use our Spot Out carpet spotter.



If the material spilled on the carpeting is petroleum or solvent based,


such as, grease, gum, nail polish, paint, glue and wax to name a few, the


directions above will not work. Removing materials such as these can be


tricky.  Please call our office and we’ll be happy to give you advice.


Anything strong enough to remove them can also dissolve or weaken the


glue that attaches your carpet fibers to the backing!  So be careful!





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